Breast Fetish

I’m not ashamed to say I have a breast fetish. In fact, I imagine fucking boobies more often than fucking pussies. I really don’t know why I was like this, but I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one. Fact is I know a lot of guys who drool over soft women’s breasts that bounce whenever they move. Anyway, my job as a cartoonist really comes in handy when it comes to my love of girl boobies. For one thing, I was able to draw those twin mountains in every situation imaginable. I had them tied together for a deep cleave or had them tied apart in bondage. My ultimate fetish however was the three breasts picture. I know it sounds weird but I think having two breasts is just so fucking lonely. Now a third one right in the middle, that would be fucking hot.

Obviously, my fantasy remained on my drawings because there really is no such thing as a woman with three breasts. It got the point where I managed to draw one whole series with the three boobie girl on it. Once I got the imagination rolling, there were so many fucking possibilities for three boobs. For one thing, the titty fucking would never be the same again plus orgies would become so much better. Anyway, some guy saw my drawings and wanted to publish it. No problem, more money for me. Never really got to fuck my three boobies fetish, but ever since my cartoons sold, I get to fuck four titties every fucking night, four blowjobs everyday and some pussy whenever I want. The boobies were attached on different bodies however, but who the hell cares? Got me some real one-boobed girl too, but compared to the three titties, it wasn’t to fucking hot.

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