Celebrity nude breasts

You could probably call me a celebrity stalker. But I don’t really haunt the celebrity themselves, just their boobs. By this I mean I like taking pictures of celebrities with their nude breasts of display. It really fucking gets my cock’s attentions when I see their cute little nips on camera. So far, I have pictures of Angelina Jolie’s nips, Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lopez and Pamela Anderson when she still had those large breasts implants. Never sold a thing to the press though. Those boobies are part of my personal collection. Even have the damn things laminated so they don’t get wet whenever I jack on them. One time, I had the chance to actually touch and fuck a celebrity boobs. She wasn’t really that popular but I saw her once in 24 and thought she was fucking hot.

Anyway, we met at the bar and hit it off immediately. I invited her to my apartment and went without any problems. Now, knowing this was a celebrity gal I was going to fuck, I made sure to get as much breast play as I can. This was probably the only time I’d get to ram someone who appeared on TV so might as well make use of it. Her breasts were huge with large, brownish tits and nips. It was so fucking soft I knew the damn things were natural. I wasn’t sure she was gonna let me fuck her titties though so I made sure to eat out her  pussy first. When she was so fucking exhausted from cumming, I went up,
sandwiched my rod in her boobs and started fucking. God, she was licking the end of my cock each time it gets near her mouth. Not able to take anymore, I started cumming on her pretty little face. I didn’t get to fuck her pussy though, but I made sure to get a picture of her boobies when she wasn’t looking. Another one for my collection.

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